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be aware of email ruse

At 2:04pm on February 23, 2012,  Paul Lewis said…

Please do not answer anyone from Mrs Stella Kwale Page. This is not a real person. Just someone that is a Scam Artist. We are presently trying to remove this page from the Old Skool Gang site. Thank You.…


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Good news from The Intelligent Optimist Daily

Americans by large prefer alternative fuels like wind and solar instead of coal, oil, or nuclear energy—natural gas lands somewhere in between, with pros and cons. The findings were the results of a recently published study conducted over the past 12 years by Harvard researchers. Around 80 percent of Americans want to see a substantial increase in alternative fuels, showing that this agreement to move away from fossil fuels is overwhelmingly bipartisan.

Read more at …


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How about your pastor/clergy/faith leader?

Below are the first 3 paragraphs of an interesting report (from Nashville) about Protestant pastors' responses and actions about climate change...

"NASHVILLE, Tenn. — While many churches are acting "green," the majority of pastors disagree global warming is real and man made. The percentage of skeptics has dropped since 2010, but the percentage is still higher than in 2008, according to a survey by LifeWay Research.

The October 2012 survey of Protestant…


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Excellent blog post about Keystone XL Pipeline

I strongly urge you to read and consider this pastor's opinion about the Keystone XL pipeline, and then to act on this information by informing your legislators (both here in TN and in Washington DC) about your opinion.

(It is clear to me that we must do a better job of communicating with our legislators and also in holding them accountable for their…


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Earth Week Activities?

Hi all:  Emily sent out an e-message recently asking people to share activities planned by and for your faith group as you celebrate Earth Week later this month. Please check with other members from your faith community to see if they've sent the info to Emily already. If not, please do send us the dates, times, and locations. We're urging people to branch out and visit other faith groups...or to invite others to your event.

As you know, timing is everything...and sometimes we have…


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Hindu Teachings about the Environment

GreenFaith invites us to participate in another free online seminar (a "webinar")...

Join us for Hindu Teachings on the Environment, a webinar with Dr. Pankaj Jain – GreenFaith’s Hindu Scholar in Residence - on April 4 from 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET. …


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Events at ETSU before Earth Day!

What are your plans for Earth Day in your area?  We ask that you "bloom where you are planted" in April, on behalf of GINI and to spread our support of local, regional, and state level actions to better steward our Earth, to benefit humanity now and into the future.

Please post a reply with your Earth Day (Earth Week) activities, so that we can learn the scope of what's going on, but also so that we might choose to visit…


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Student survey about windpower in the Carolinas

Hi Folks,

A colleague in SC passed this along today.  There is a grad student at Clemson University who is conducting a survey of attitudes towards offshore wind energy in the Carolinas.  If you are a resident and/or have been a tourist in the…

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Invitation from ETSU's ECO group

This Thursday night 2/28 at 7pm in Rogers-Stout Hall Rm 428 we will be watching a short doc on either MTR or Fracking. Followed by a brief presentation by one of the organizers from Mountain Justice explaining their "March on UBS" campaign as well as updates on the demonstrations planned starting the first week in March.

There is also an impromptu sign making party being planned for the same night in the same room. Your presence as well as your fellow Green Interfaith Networker's…


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Invitation about "Flight Behavior" (Kingsolver)

We invite you to meet online to discuss the fiction novel “Flight Behavior” by Barbara Kingsolver Thursday 2/28/13  at 3:30 MT/4:30 CT/5:30 ET. “Flight Behavior” is set in rural Tennessee, where a woman’s narrow life is burst wide open by the consequences of an unusual migration of monarch butterflies to her town.  We will be joined on this webinar by special guest Dr. Karen Oberhauser, monarch butterfly researcher and Barbara Kingsolver’s science source for…


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Global Warming & Winter Storm Nemo!

Below is an excerpt from an e-mail received this morning from the IPL headquarters. Please feel free to share!

"When talking about the connections between Nemo (or any storm) and climate change, take care to make accurate statements about these connections. Here are some tips for talking about this potentially historic blizzard:

Paint the big picture.

Climate change is changing the weather. The past few years have been marked by…


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Update from LEAF: MTR / Nashville

Action Alert - February 7, 2013 

Hello friends of mountains,


The Tennessee legislature is back in Nashville with some new faces and new committees, and for the 6th year, so is the Tennessee Scenic Vistas Protection Act. This session the bill numbers are HB 0043 and SB 0099.


This year, the House bill is sponsored by Knoxville teacher and freshman…


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Invitation from Rev. Sally Bingham

Rev. Canon Sally Bingham sent the following message today:

"Yesterday, as I heard the president speak eloquently about the threat that climate change poses to our children and our call from God to preserve the planet, I was encouraged. Now we need to act by making this year's national Preach-In on climate change the biggest one yet! Whether you are clergy, a lay leader, green team member, or a parishioner,…


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Energy Efficiency Comments to TVA Board

Hi all:  I'm sharing a blog written by a fellow member of the TN Healthy Energy Campaign (THE Campaign). Do you also see the same moral/ethical responsibilities that GINI espouses being expressed in this blog entry?



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Ponies and other observations

     I am so hopeful for 2013! I'm officially retired from OSU as of New Year's Day, and we have some pretty big changes happening at the nano-farm, too. The big ones are that we had our geothermal furnace installed and bought two "ponies" this month. The larger one (Samson) is a real pony; Rusty is a mini-horse. But we still refer to them as "the ponies." They're very sweet 8-year-old geldings, so they're teenagers, I guess. Samson is trained to pull a cart, and can also be ridden by a…


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40 Days of Prayer for Our Mountains



LEAF, the Lindquist Environmental…

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Our actions and intentions RE: energy

In the past week, I've discussed with several different people the distinctions and the similarities between and among three TN-based environmentally focused organizations that I support. This situation caused me to wonder if others also feel some amount of duplication of effort. I've begun to feel we might be more effective with better collaboration toward a common goal.


Two of the three organizations require no membership dues or fees, so it's not a matter of choosing which…


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Invitation from TN Interfaith Power & Light

Climate change threatens humanity with severe environmental, social and moral consequences. We are called to practice what we know through our faith—to sustain life and to show compassion.  What we do will make all the difference in the world.


TN Interfaith Power & Light is the state affiliate of a network of faith communities working across the U.S., offering a spiritual response to climate change. Our mutual efforts will protect our climate through upholding the…


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moving house plants back inside?

Hi all:  This came through my e-mail, but since we have so many gardening and plant-friendly types, I thought I'd share the best of it. (See below)

Start by preparing your indoor space.  Move furniture to make space nearest the window. Many…

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Songwriter and Creation Care advocate to "host" GINI Awards

Join us for a wonderful evening of music and celebration ~ Sunday October 21st 4pm-6pm hosted at Munsey United Methodist.

North Carolina songwriter Charles Pettee and his acclaimed "Folk Psalm" project set Old Testament psalms to bluegrass and new acoustic settings. At his home church University Baptist, Chapel Hill, NC, Charles has been active in Creation Care. You can listen to FolkPsalm online - and watch a YouTube video to…


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