Religious Teachings

Most religious traditions from around the world are united by the belief that we are to live rightly on the Earth.

These religious statements on the environment have been provided by leaders in our GINI network, and from GreenFaith an organization with 20 years of leadership helping people of all faiths become better environmental stewards.

Buddhist Statement

‘From the Buddha’s time, our teachers have lived close to nature by choice, stepped lightly and mindfully on the earth, realizing that food, water, medicine, and life itself are gifts of nature.’

Christian Statement

‘We are called to cooperate with God in the transformation of a fallen world that has not fulfilled its divinely given potential for beauty, peace, health, harmony, justice and joy. Our task is nothing less than to join God in preserving, renewing and fulfilling the creation.’

Confucian Statement

'Confucians know that the earth is alive. We observe its presence, appreciate its beauty and participate in its creativity.'

Daoist Statement

'Humanity follows the Earth, the Earth follows Heaven, Heaven follows the Dao, and the Dao follows what is natural.'

Hindu Statement

'Hinduism is a religion that is very near to nature. It asks its followers to see God in every object in the Universe. Worship of God in air, water, fire, Sun, Moon, Stars, and Earth is specially recommended. Earth is worshipped as the spouse of God, hence very dear and near to God. All lives on Earth are considered as children of God and Earth.'

Indigenous Statement

'We are of the Earth. The Earth is the source of life to be protected, not merely a resource to be exploited. Our ancestors’ remains lie within her. Water is her lifeblood. We are dependent upon her for our shelter and our sustenance.'

Jewish Statement

'Jewish environmental engagement is characterized by ... (a) sense of a special relationship to the Creator of heaven and earth. Central to that relationship is the divine gift of the Torah, and to the whole body of divine wisdom and law that has been handed down from generation to generation.'

Muslim Statement

‘God - whom we know as Allah - has created the universe in all its diversity, richness and vitality: the stars, the sun and the moon, the earth and all its communities of living beings. All these reflect and manifest the boundless glory and mercy of the Creator.’

Sikh Statement

'As Guru Nanak Ji said: Pawan Guru pani pita mata dharat mahat (Air is our teacher, water our father and the great sacred earth is our mother). If we act now, we can protect our atmosphere, water resources and earth for ourselves and for future generations.'

Unitarian Universalist Statement

'As Unitarian Universalists, we are called by our seventh Principle to affirm and promote "respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part." We envision a world in which all people are assured a secure and meaningful life that is ecologically responsible and sustainable, in which every form of life has intrinsic value.'

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