Below is an excerpt from an e-mail received this morning from the IPL headquarters. Please feel free to share!

"When talking about the connections between Nemo (or any storm) and climate change, take care to make accurate statements about these connections. Here are some tips for talking about this potentially historic blizzard:

Paint the big picture.

Climate change is changing the weather. The past few years have been marked by unusually severe extreme weather characteristic of climate change. Visit:

Say what we know about the connections between storms and climate change.

Global warming puts more energy into storms. Visit:

Storm surge now rides on sea levels that have risen over the last century due to global warming. This amplifies flooding losses if and when a surge strikes. Visit:

Explain how Nemo is part of the larger trend.

More and more scientific evidence is connecting these major extreme precipitation events to climate change. In the last century, we have witnessed a 20 percent increase in the amount of precipitation falling in the heaviest rain and snow events, directly tied to climate disruption. The Northeast has been particularly vulnerable, experiencing a dramatic increase in one-day precipitation extremes during the October to March cold season. Visit:

Coastal flooding has also become more common as climate change drives sea levels higher. A recent report by the Boston Harbor Association warns that many parts of that city are highly vulnerable to flooding. Visit:

Off-shore water temperatures are higher than normal right now, adding to the potential for heavy precipitation by feeding Nemo with additional moisture. Visit:

Explain that solutions exist to combat climate change, and provide a concrete action to start, such as sending a Love Creation postcard to President Obama to support bold action during his second term."

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