Dave Ramsey (Unicoi)--& a vote for Rocky Fork...

Dave Ramsey (Unicoi, TN) is a nominee for a Budweiser conservationist award, which he promises to apply toward preserving Rocky Fork. Please vote for Dave.
Disclaimers:  1)  If you vote online, you'll need to input a birthdate, and an e-mail address. Frown.  2) I apologize if it offends anyone that this opportunity is sponsored by a beer company. But then you can revisit some of those great commercials, too. Or, if you prefer to mail your vote, the info is below.

Voting ends on 1/6/12 and the winners will be notified on 1/9/12. So this will happen quickly. Please pass the word to anyone you know who will help in this effort on behalf of the Rocky Fork Watershed.

Budweiser and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation are proud to
support those who conserve the outdoors. This year, we are donating
$50,000 to fund the conservation efforts of our 2012 Conservationist of
the Year. Plus the three runner-ups will receive a $5,000 grant to
continue their own on-the-ground efforts.

Two Ways to Vote:
1. Online at www.budweiser.com.
2. Mail your vote on a 3x5 card (or piece of paper). Print your name,
address and age as well as the name of the candidate you’ve selected.

Mail the card to the following address:
2012 Conservationist of the Year
P.O. Box 1069
Young America, MN 55594-1069

Here's the candidate that I'm supporting, and I hope you will too:

Unicoi, TN
For years, David has used his passion for
his native Appalachian Mountains and his
photographic, writing and public
speaking skills to inspire Americans to
get involved in conservation. His greatest
conservation achievement was
spearheading the 15-year push to save
one of eastern America's largest
remaining unprotected mountain tracts,

the Rocky Fork Watershed.

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