How about your pastor/clergy/faith leader?

Below are the first 3 paragraphs of an interesting report (from Nashville) about Protestant pastors' responses and actions about climate change...

"NASHVILLE, Tenn. — While many churches are acting "green," the majority of pastors disagree global warming is real and man made. The percentage of skeptics has dropped since 2010, but the percentage is still higher than in 2008, according to a survey by LifeWay Research.

The October 2012 survey of Protestant pastors' views of environmental issues shows Protestant pastors in the Northeast, older pastors, and pastors self-identifying as Democrats tend to be more environmentally active compared to younger, Republicans, and counterparts in other regions of the country.

Consistent in the LifeWay Research findings of 2012, 2010 and 2008 is that about a quarter of pastors say they speak on the environment to their churches "several times a year." The percentage of pastors who say they rarely speak on the environment decreased in 2012 to 34 percent. Fifteen percent of Protestant pastors say they never speak on the environment."

The rest of the report is found here.

If you attend a Protestant church in our area, how receptive do you think your pastor/clergy would be to participating in a "climate caucus for clergy?"  What if we could host a half-day (or so) meeting for clergy in the TriCities region to learn more about climate change issues and to have a chance to discuss their questions and concerns among their colleagues/peers? Do you think that would be well-received? Would you or another member of a committee be willing to participate with your faith leaders at a meeting like this?

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