Action Alert - February 7, 2013 

Hello friends of mountains,
The Tennessee legislature is back in Nashville with some new faces and new committees, and for the 6th year, so is the Tennessee Scenic Vistas Protection Act. This session the bill numbers are HB 0043 and SB 0099.
This year, the House bill is sponsored by Knoxville teacher and freshman legislator, Representative Gloria Johnson (D). Senator Lowe Finney (D), Jackson attorney and legislative veteran has the bill on the Senate side. These are smart and energetic folks with a heart for creation. Please make a call or send an email to thank Representative Johnson and Senator Finney for stepping up. Then ask your own Representative and Senator to add their voice by co-sponsoring HB 0043 or SB 0099.
Supporters of the TSVPA come from both parties. This year, we hope to build on the bipartisan coalition. With the Republican supermajority, at least one strong Republican leader is critical to passage of meaningful protection for Tennessee’s mountains. Please call or email Governor Haslam, Lt. Governor Ramsey, Speaker Beth Harwell, the Senate Energy, Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee Chair, Senator Steve Southerland and the House  Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee Chair, Representative Curtis Halford.  Ask them to use their roles and legislative majority to do the will of the people and protect Tennessee’s iconic horizons, jobs, property values, water and health for all time.
With gratitude for your steadfast support,
Patricia Hudson,
LEAF, Executive Director

Legislative leaders - Bulk E-Mail
For the weblinks of the legislative leaders, see below:

Governor Haslam (R)

Lt. Governor Ramsey (R)
Speaker Beth Harwell  (R)

Representative Gloria Johnson (D) - Sponsor
Senator Lowe Finney (D) - Sponsor

Senate Energy, Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee - Chair, Senator Steve Southerland (R)
House Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee - Chair, Representative Curtis Halford (R) 

For more information see

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