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Powerpoint about Fracking

The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA) co-sponsored a webinar on 9/27 about fracking (high-pressure hydraulic fracturing to get natural gas from deep rock layers). The Powerpoint is available as a download (3rd headline below the description of the organization). While the info presented by OEFFA is understandably focused on Ohio interests, it is also useful for those of us in TN who are interested in Earth stewardship,…


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Warren Wilson makes Green College Honor Roll

Way to go, Warren Wilson! 

Maybe we should take a field trip to check out one of the top 18 green colleges in the US. 

We have contacts over in the Asheville area, and they're only alittle over an hour away.

Check out the Princeton Review at  http://www.princetonreview.com/green-honor-roll.aspx



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Thanks, Blackbird (Asheville, NC)

So many folks have commented on how beautiful our first annual GINI awards were (presented on March 31st). 


Our friends from Blackbird Frame and Art (Asheville, NC) -- Pat Horrocks, (John Horrocks and Grace Findley, pictured) -- transformed our 2011 GINI certificates (designed by Emily Bidgood) into lovely awards and works of art, now hanging on the walls of our recipients.   I wanted to take this opportunity to thank them for their donation of time, talents and materials. …


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Design scheme notes - Feb. 25, 2011

Just some notes on the design scheme I uploaded today.


1) The header design is taken from the brochure that was shown around during Feb.'s general meeting. Folks have expressed that they like the simplicity, blue/green color scheme, and evoked hills/mtns.


2) I personally like the added rough texture (it is sandstone texture) to the header and the modules (this is what Ning calls the social networking elements on the main page, like blog posts, photos, rss…


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"Resources" ideas - please respond if you have thoughts

Mark & I were talking today about the "Resources" section of the site.

This is a very important section and it needs some more conversation as content is built over the next couple of weeks.


I think Greenfaith has a lot of related content already and GINI doesn't have to recreate the wheel but can link to a lot of things.  But some things will need to be written.


~ If you have thoughts, please respond to this blog post…


Added by Emily Page Bidgood on February 27, 2011 at 6:14pm — 4 Comments


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