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Thanks, Blackbird (Asheville, NC)

So many folks have commented on how beautiful our first annual GINI awards were (presented on March 31st). 


Our friends from Blackbird Frame and Art (Asheville, NC) -- Pat Horrocks, (John Horrocks and Grace Findley, pictured) -- transformed our 2011 GINI certificates (designed by Emily Bidgood) into lovely awards and works of art, now hanging on the walls of our recipients.   I wanted to take this opportunity to thank them for their donation of time, talents and materials. …


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"city car" (10-min. video?)

Yes, I'm a "geek"... a "nerd"...but just check this out!!  Is this the car of the future? (Wait until you see the "O-turn" part!)

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local press for GINI and Rev. Bingham's visit: Johnson City Press, Sat. March 26

Churches join in green initiative
Local group to host leader of national effort on Wednesday,…

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climate change "must-read"

Here's a link to a knowledgeable and trustworthy blog about climate change, which has links to Dr. Lonnie Thompson's recent article in The Behavior Analyst (a .pdf download), plus a short video of an interview with Lonnie and Ellen Mosley-Thompson at the…


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7 p.m. 3/23 @ ETSU (growing organic blueberries)

Author Jim Minick will present a free reading from his latest book, The Blueberry Years: A Memoir of Farm and Family (Thomas Dunne Books, 2010), on Wednesday, March 23rd at 7:00 p.m. in Rogers-Stout Hall, Room 118, on the campus of East Tennessee State University.

               The Blueberry Years is Minick’s memoir based on his experiences as an organic blueberry farmer. For more than a decade, the author and his wife planned, planted, pruned, and picked blueberries. Together, the couple… Continue

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more about mountain-top removal

Forwarding an important message:


The federal Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE) has proposed a petition to protect public lands in Anderson, Campbell, Morgan and Scott counties. This petition, referred to as the North Cumberland Lands Unsuitable for Mining Petition (LUMP), would prohibit surface mining within the area designated. This would protect many of Tennessee’s mountaintops, and could help keep some of the…


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Facebook is up

I made a facebook page:!/pages/Green-Interfaith-Network-Inc/127121380692441


You can also find it by searching for Green Interfaith Network, inc.


Only once it has 25 Likes can have its own username and the page will be greeninterfaith


"Friend" me to be an…


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"Resources" ideas - please respond if you have thoughts

Mark & I were talking today about the "Resources" section of the site.

This is a very important section and it needs some more conversation as content is built over the next couple of weeks.


I think Greenfaith has a lot of related content already and GINI doesn't have to recreate the wheel but can link to a lot of things.  But some things will need to be written.


~ If you have thoughts, please respond to this blog post…


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Design scheme notes - Feb. 25, 2011

Just some notes on the design scheme I uploaded today.


1) The header design is taken from the brochure that was shown around during Feb.'s general meeting. Folks have expressed that they like the simplicity, blue/green color scheme, and evoked hills/mtns.


2) I personally like the added rough texture (it is sandstone texture) to the header and the modules (this is what Ning calls the social networking elements on the main page, like blog posts, photos, rss…


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Mitigation or Adaptation - the Answer is Yes!

Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth by Mark Hertsgaard


This is the latest in a series of books dealing with the idea that the climate change shouting is over and the game has begun.  The basic idea is that if we really wanted to avoid climate change due to global warming we should have reduced CO2 emissions 20-30 years ago when the problem was first noted.  As a result of this foot-dragging, global warming and climate change are now under way and nothing…


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The Ecology of Faith, and The New Preaching Situation

It is now more than sixteen years since I was called away from a parish and a pulpit to assume the ministry of teaching. That fact is remembered here at the outset because it has determined the substance of these lectures. Lectures on preaching would normally and reasonably be assumed to have been prepared by a regular practitioner of the craft who, having actualized certain convictions about substance and method, has now undertaken to order and…


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