In the past week, I've discussed with several different people the distinctions and the similarities between and among three TN-based environmentally focused organizations that I support. This situation caused me to wonder if others also feel some amount of duplication of effort. I've begun to feel we might be more effective with better collaboration toward a common goal.


Two of the three organizations require no membership dues or fees, so it's not a matter of choosing which of them will get a check. Rather, it's raised a question in my mind about whether or not members of these three organizations might consider sharing a common focus and a common approach to it. Maybe this is an opportunity to re-evaluate our goals, priorities, and efforts, both as individuals and as an organization.


I'm referring, of course, to the Green Interfaith Network, Inc. (GINI), but also to TN Interfaith Power & Light (TN-IPL) of which GINI is an affiliate. GINI and TN-IPL are both faith-based organizations. The TN Healthy Energy Campaign (THE Campaign) is the third. It differs because it is entirely focused on energy conservation and is secular. It is closely aligned with the Sierra Club's very successful "Beyond Coal" campaign.


In order to clarify my own thinking, I created a Venn diagram to represent my ideas of the commonalities and distinctions between and among these groups. I plan to bring this diagram to our next meeting, to begin a discussion. I'd also love to hear others' perceptions of GINI and how we might forge alliances and/or establish collaborative relationships to maximize our efforts.

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Comment by Jerry W Nagel on November 23, 2012 at 6:37am

Good diagramatic analysis.  I agree that that it might be useful to re-examine exactly what GINI is. 


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