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Fracking in TN?

Hi all:  The following was sent by Marianne Huff, yesterday:

Frances Lamberts asked me to contact you and GIN to see if anyone is interested in going with her to the Rulemaking Hearing on the state’s proposed regulations on fracking, at the Knoxville Environmental Field Office (of…

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Housing for International Student @ ETSU?

This is just being used as an opportunity to share a request:

Have you ever wanted to learn more about another culture or provide that opportunity to your own family? Have an extra bedroom? If yes, read on!

Homestay/host families are needed for international students studying English at ELS…


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article: Why Religious People Must Speak Up about Climate Change

I was recently confronted with an idea that is at odds with my own thinking. Frankly,  I'm not sure what to do about this information. I was told that many of the faithful in NE Tennessee think that climate change should not be addressed at church because they see it as a political issue, not a moral/ethical one. Recently, John Torrey offered much of the same argument I would use (perhaps more forcefully than I would, but probably more convincingly as well). His blog is found at…


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great letter! HB 368 has gone nationwide!

Judy has given me permission to post her letter to Gov. Haslam as a blog...

Dear Governor Haslam:


You have probably noticed by now that the HB 368 conversation has gone nationwide on radio, newspapers and television.  Please don't deride the media for that.  This bill, while it may sound frivolous, is exceedingly serious and has grim implications not only for the state, but for the entire country.  There are ads running on The…


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Challenging times, indeed!

    First of all, thank you for being an engaged member who reads blogs and tries to keep up with contemporary life in TN and the rest of the world. Really!  Thank you!

    But I also feel a need to formally acknowledge that I've gone hog-wild lately with requests to contact our legislators. Please forgive me for that. I'm new to the legislative process in TN. I didn't realize that the TN Legislature considers so many bills in such…


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anti-science bill awaiting TN Gov. signature: Please weigh in.

You may already know that HB 368 is in line for Gov. Haslam's signature. I ask you to support excellence in science education for students in TN--call Gov. Haslam now at 1-615-741-2001, give your name and city of record, and ask him to veto HB 368. I don't know when this might reach his desk, so time is critical on this matter.…


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Written by Jan Barnett, and forwarded by Nancy B.---published in Erwin Record (not available online otherwise)

         When I was asked to write and call our Tennessee state legislators, I could have said, “Why bother?” or “I don’t have time.” But I believe in the cause I’m supporting. And I’m inspired by the commitment and courage of others who believe in it.

            The “cause” is protecting…


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Loving Nature, RU Supporting TN Scenic Vistas Protection Act?

     I believe a majority of Tennesseeans enjoy nature, for a whole host of reasons. Whether for hunting (animals or morels or wildflowers), fishing, hiking, cycling, photography, birding, off-road fun, camping, and many other pursuits, I have to believe that we share our appreciation of our mountains. For many, the natural landscapes may even be a good part of the reason for living or settling here.

     Many people have studied and appreciate our mountains for their bounty, their…


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Senators' e-mail addresses

Interestingly, the link to the Senators' e-mail addresses in the TN LEAF Action Alert (from Mar 1) has been blocked as a "web forgery".  Hmmmm.  So, in case you're afraid to "ignore this warning", I'm sharing the list below. 

I'll beg. Please copy and paste it into your e-mail message to tell them how you feel about the Senate Committee's amendments on Feb. 29th that gutted the TN Scenic Vistas Protection Act (SB 577),…


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Monsanto guy is not OK!

Here's yet another petition related to non-GMO foods (genetically modified organisms) ala Monsanto. But since online petitions do seem to work (at least some of the time, with enough signatures), please read this petition and see if you'd like to sign.

URL, in case the link doesn't activate for you:…


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Important! Please call Gov. Haslam.

Would you please take just a few moments to call Gov. Haslam, thanking him for supporting an end to mountaintop removal, and also urging him to help pass the Scenic Vistas Protection Act? (See urgent request below.) I've done it and it took less than 1.5 minutes. Please help.

Message received on Jan. 26th:

Dear Carol,  

Last week I told you about the Tennessee Scenic Vistas Protection Act, and now I am writing to ask you to take a very important action…


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Grant Support for Clean-Energy Projects?

I received a forward today about potential support for non-profits, etc. to help offset costs of solar installation:

Non-profits, municipalities and government buildings rarely get incentives for solar since they don’t pay taxes, but here is a real opportunity. I’m trying to inform as many people as I can since there is a deadline of Mar. 30 and folks may need help with some of the application wrt typical cost of systems, suitable candidates for roof or ground-mount…


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Calling on you for action. Please help.

      This is a call to action. I received the following information in my e-mail yesterday, and received permission to re-post part of it here. We must show solidarity and a true sense of dedication and purpose in order to stop mountaintop removal mining (MTR) in TN. Therefore, I'm personally asking each of you to call Governor Haslam, and your TN legislators, as well, asking…


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Contact info for TN Legislators

A paper copy providing contact information for our TN legislators was made available at the showing of The Last Mountain at the Bonnie Kate Theatre on Jan 2nd. I scanned my copy and am attaching the info for your use and ease in sharing.

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iron-on transfers w/ GINI logo!

I've given out some iron-on transfers but neglected to share the instructions. So this post is just a way to provide the download information. (You could also consult the websites for the makers of iron-on transfers, if you'd like more specific details.)  Iron-on%20instr.doc


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tax-deductible donations gratefully accepted

     I'm not in the habit of soliciting. But for those who like to give other kinds of gifts as tributes and/or who may be in a position to make a donation to a not-for-profit group, I hope that Green Interfaith is seen as a worthy recipient. I've received about 6 other pleas for support this morning, so I decided to join the fray.

     I'm proud of what we've been able to do so far, and believe we are making good strides toward connecting with other people and faith groups who are…


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Dave Ramsey (Unicoi)--& a vote for Rocky Fork...

Dave Ramsey (Unicoi, TN) is a nominee for a Budweiser conservationist award, which he promises to apply toward preserving Rocky Fork. Please vote for Dave.
Disclaimers:  1)  If you vote online, you'll need to input a birthdate, and an e-mail address. Frown.  2) I apologize if it offends anyone that this…

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Jennie Young's dedication

If you haven't seen it yet, there's an article in the Elizabethton Star about Jennie Young's efforts to coordinate action to protect the Tennessee mountains we love. I completely agree that this is a moral issue and one which we cannot afford to surrender to the powerful (and moneyed) interests that influence our…


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"the rest of the story"

I used to love that part of Paul Harvey's radio show! Since my other blog about the McKibben event was already too long, I decided to wait and post my reaction/reflection about it later. Those of you who know me realize that I find it difficult to mince words. I'm pretty straightforward, and actually prefer it if other people return the favor. So here's the "rest of the story" that was prompted by listening to Bill McKibben over at UNC-A last week:

My bottom line:  I'm appalled that…


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too long for a blog...

It's a few days later, and I'm still motivated to write something (hopefully persuasive) to help people get a glimpse of the message about climate change that Bill McKibben came to Asheville this week to deliver. I took notes; it's the student in me. I love to learn, but I have also learned that I can't trust my recall as much as I'd like. So here goes. These are not "news flashes" but they are important points..."power points" in my humble opinion. I will add a second blog about my…


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