Calling on you for action. Please help.

      This is a call to action. I received the following information in my e-mail yesterday, and received permission to re-post part of it here. We must show solidarity and a true sense of dedication and purpose in order to stop mountaintop removal mining (MTR) in TN. Therefore, I'm personally asking each of you to call Governor Haslam, and your TN legislators, as well, asking them to stand tall and protect our mountains for their constituents and for our future.

       In supporting the TN Scenic Vistas Protection Act, our legislators have the opportunity to represent the majority of Tennesseeans (as well as future generations) in a manner similar to that of our nation's forefathers. They can protect our mountains for future generations to enjoy, acknowledging the centuries of environmental services that have been provided by the mountains. In doing so, they will affirm the inherent value of mountains as natural assets that directly contribute to the economic interests of TN and to the quality of our lives and all those who follow us.

       Read some of the "40 Prayers for the Mountains" that were submitted to TN LEAF (scroll down on that page) as well as other statements of faith and inspiration about Creation Care. Read a recent editorial by Jennie Young, that lays out the facts about coal mining in TN. Then, if you're persuaded, please urge our legislators to truly represent the views of the people of TN by protecting our mountains from destruction.

        TN LEAF "requests calls to the governor on Tuesday, the 24th, asking him to show leadership in the effort to end MTR in TN.  His office number is 1-615-741-2001

      " would be a true distinction for TN Republicans if under their majority Tennessee should become the first state in the Union to protect its mountains from MTR.  Another significant point is that Tennesseans overwhelmingly oppose MTR and no tiny, tiny group in the population has the moral prerogative to determine the matter behind closed committee doors, especially in a milieu where political debts and favors and scads of money can dwarf and skew any issue. Call and email everybody you know who might help."

        Please act on this request. Please take a few minutes to call your legislative representatives. Remember, they represent you! Let's remind them that the majority of Tennesseeans love our mountains and know their value as our calling card for recreation, hospitality, and renewal. Pass the word. Mobilize your friends, neighbors, and co-workers to help us with this effort. Thanks!

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Comment by H.B. Lee on January 23, 2012 at 12:58pm

I have made the phone calls, and I hope many other people also call.



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