As a member of the Peacemaking Team at First Presbyterian Church in Elizabethton, I am often asked, "Where can I recycle (batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, cell phones, old computers, etc)"?

Here are two links to finding information on local options for recycling a variety of household items.

Earth 911

Johnson City Solid Waste Recycling


It is estimated that it will take approximately 450 years for a plastic water bottle to biodegrade.  This short video about a Recyling Labyrinth might encourage folks to stop buying bottled water and opt, instead, for reusable drinking bottles.  Watch the video about this project on YouTube:

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Comment by Emily Page Bidgood on August 4, 2011 at 2:08pm
Thanks, Nancy. I have a huge bag of used batteries ready to go someplace and now I know there are dozens of places I can take them.


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