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An anniversary message from my Sister Barbara

In response to the vile remarks of Rush Limbaugh:

13 years ago today I was lying in a hospital bed in Chapel Hill N.C. recovering from major surgery to remove my reproductive "bits" because of ovarian cancer. This cancer was caused by ovarian cysts that all got together and morphed into a football sized mass on each ovary. I have been known to joke that it was like giving birth to twins, but I didn't have to take them home. But it was no joke. This is the same condition Sandra Fluke…


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Reclaim the word Christian

I love this program!

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Re: Gadhafi's death

I sort of understand an eye for an eye mentality. I sort of understand why some feel the need to invoke revenge. I can't imagine what it must be like to face the man responsible for the disappearance or possibly the torture and death of friends and family members. But at moments like this I understand why I could never be a soldier or a policeman. I can still find compassion for the perpetrator. Perhaps just enough compassion to keep me from becoming him. I think people like this should be…


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