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Green Interfaith Network strives to be a model for green faith communities in the Southern Appalachians and to become a spiritual voice for environmental sustainability in the Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia region 

GINI's volunteers -- individuals, families, and our growing network of congregations -- are the driving force behind the vision of faith-based, sustainable living and Earthcare in the Southern Appalachians.

We offer resources on Earth stewardship,  eco-justice and advocacy, and spiritual tools for growth. Through eventsmeetings, and our web-based community we also offer opportunities to connect with others who share similar values. We celebrate the successes of our area faith communities. Read some success stories from the Tricities area in northeastern Tennessee here.

GINI can help faith communities undertake energy assessments and and improve energy sufficiency at their houses of worship through our Greening Grants!!  


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Carol Landis posted an event

An Inconvenient Sequel at Covenant Presbyterian Church

October 26, 2017 from 6pm to 8:30pm
This documentary is a follow-up to the documentary, Inconvenient Truth, shown 10 years ago. It reports on the catastrophic events that were predicted and have occurred. More importantly, it provides for a positive future of God’s earth by suggesting…See More

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Immune response: Scientists identify 'first responders' to bacterial invasion

When bacteria enter our body, they kick-start a powerful immune response. But this chain of reactions doesn't fully account for our immediate responses. Researchers show that so-called ion channels play a key role as 'first responders'.

Consumers see ‘organic’ and ‘non-GM’ food labels as synonymous

What are the best ways to communicate whether a food has GM ingredients? To gauge consumers’ willingness to pay for food labeled as GM vs. non-GM, researchers conducted a national survey of 1,132 respondents.

Routes out of isolation for Yellowstone grizzlies

An interagency team of Montana and Wyoming biologists models possible routes to a reunion of the Yellowstone and Northern Continental bear populations through adventurous male immigrants. An influx of genetic diversity through breeding with outsiders could give the Yellowstone grizzly population greater resiliency to changing environmental conditions.


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In China's coal capital, Xi Jinping's dream remains elusive.

At first glance, the coal city of Datong in northern China displays the hopeful signs of change that President Xi Jinping had in mind when he promised his nation a new “China dream.” But it's not that simple.

Group suing for Vermont AG e-mails seeking climate collusion.

The Washington-based nonprofit group seeking access to private e-mails of retired Vermont attorney general William Sorrell is looking for information to prove that Sorrell conspired with other Democratic attorneys general colleagues to conduct a politically motivated investigation into Exxon Mobil’s position on climate change.

Can this Republican restore integrity to Scott Pruitt’s EPA?

Pete Lopez is a Trump political appointee, and he's responsible for Puerto Rico’s environmental cleanup. But he's actually qualified for the job.

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