The Alliance of Religions and Conservation

In an ongoing endeavor to better understand our common values and beliefs about humanity and nature, I've been doing some online reading. We're including some of the information I've gathered in a presentation that is being developed for members to use when inviting other individuals and faith communities to join GINI.

I found this website to be very helpful and thought I should share it. The website for the Alliance of Religions and Conservation states that they "work with 11 faiths world wide. These faiths and their networks embrace 85% of the world's population: some 5 [sic] billion human beings."  (Note:  The world population is now over 7 billion people.)

"Drawing on their traditions, faith communities are working in countless ways to care for the environment. Each faith has its own distinctive history and teachings, and its own unique relationship with the natural world."

Join us as we make a concerted effort to better understand the faith traditions in our region and as we also strive to broaden participation and serve as a "spiritual voice for environmental sustainability in the Northeast TN and Southwest VA region" (from our Vision statement).

P.S.  Current population estimates are available here

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