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anti-science bill awaiting TN Gov. signature: Please weigh in.

You may already know that HB 368 is in line for Gov. Haslam's signature. I ask you to support excellence in science education for students in TN--call Gov. Haslam now at 1-615-741-2001, give your name and city of record, and ask him to veto HB 368. I don't know when this might reach his desk, so time is critical on this matter.…


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Written by Jan Barnett, and forwarded by Nancy B.---published in Erwin Record (not available online otherwise)

         When I was asked to write and call our Tennessee state legislators, I could have said, “Why bother?” or “I don’t have time.” But I believe in the cause I’m supporting. And I’m inspired by the commitment and courage of others who believe in it.

            The “cause” is protecting…


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Loving Nature, RU Supporting TN Scenic Vistas Protection Act?

     I believe a majority of Tennesseeans enjoy nature, for a whole host of reasons. Whether for hunting (animals or morels or wildflowers), fishing, hiking, cycling, photography, birding, off-road fun, camping, and many other pursuits, I have to believe that we share our appreciation of our mountains. For many, the natural landscapes may even be a good part of the reason for living or settling here.

     Many people have studied and appreciate our mountains for their bounty, their…


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Senators' e-mail addresses

Interestingly, the link to the Senators' e-mail addresses in the TN LEAF Action Alert (from Mar 1) has been blocked as a "web forgery".  Hmmmm.  So, in case you're afraid to "ignore this warning", I'm sharing the list below. 

I'll beg. Please copy and paste it into your e-mail message to tell them how you feel about the Senate Committee's amendments on Feb. 29th that gutted the TN Scenic Vistas Protection Act (SB 577),…


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