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tax-deductible donations gratefully accepted

     I'm not in the habit of soliciting. But for those who like to give other kinds of gifts as tributes and/or who may be in a position to make a donation to a not-for-profit group, I hope that Green Interfaith is seen as a worthy recipient. I've received about 6 other pleas for support this morning, so I decided to join the fray.

     I'm proud of what we've been able to do so far, and believe we are making good strides toward connecting with other people and faith groups who are…


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Dave Ramsey (Unicoi)--& a vote for Rocky Fork...

Dave Ramsey (Unicoi, TN) is a nominee for a Budweiser conservationist award, which he promises to apply toward preserving Rocky Fork. Please vote for Dave.
Disclaimers:  1)  If you vote online, you'll need to input a birthdate, and an e-mail address. Frown.  2) I apologize if it offends anyone that this…

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Jennie Young's dedication

If you haven't seen it yet, there's an article in the Elizabethton Star about Jennie Young's efforts to coordinate action to protect the Tennessee mountains we love. I completely agree that this is a moral issue and one which we cannot afford to surrender to the powerful (and moneyed) interests that influence our…


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GINI Wins $750 Grant

Green Interfaith Network has been awarded a $750 grant from the Episcopal Church Province IV Environmental Ministry to kickstart a regional Faith Community Green Audit program!

St. John's Episcopal, Johnson City, will be the pilot church.  GINI, St. John's leadership, and St. John's Earth Guild ministry applied together for the grant.

When our very own Carol Landis was active with Ohio…


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"the rest of the story"

I used to love that part of Paul Harvey's radio show! Since my other blog about the McKibben event was already too long, I decided to wait and post my reaction/reflection about it later. Those of you who know me realize that I find it difficult to mince words. I'm pretty straightforward, and actually prefer it if other people return the favor. So here's the "rest of the story" that was prompted by listening to Bill McKibben over at UNC-A last week:

My bottom line:  I'm appalled that…


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40 Days of Prayer for the Mountains

LEAF is a distinctly Christian group, working for the protection of Tennessee mountains.  But people of all faiths can join in this focused effort to pray and raise awareness about the need to prevent mountain-top removal mining.

LEAF, the Lindquist Environmental Appalachian Fellowship, invites all Tennessee Christians and Christian churches to join us in 40…


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too long for a blog...

It's a few days later, and I'm still motivated to write something (hopefully persuasive) to help people get a glimpse of the message about climate change that Bill McKibben came to Asheville this week to deliver. I took notes; it's the student in me. I love to learn, but I have also learned that I can't trust my recall as much as I'd like. So here goes. These are not "news flashes" but they are important points..."power points" in my humble opinion. I will add a second blog about my…


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Our diets...

    Recent events have focused my attention again on the daily choices we make that have profound effects on our overall sustainability. It's the "little things" in life, the daily choices, that add up and can become a "movement" (like Green Interfaith).

    Tuesday evening, about twenty of us who are interested in diet choices enjoyed a very nice potluck dinner at Munsey Memorial, followed by a presentation by Jon Camp, from…


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