April 2012 Blog Posts (2)

great letter! HB 368 has gone nationwide!

Judy has given me permission to post her letter to Gov. Haslam as a blog...

Dear Governor Haslam:


You have probably noticed by now that the HB 368 conversation has gone nationwide on radio, newspapers and television.  Please don't deride the media for that.  This bill, while it may sound frivolous, is exceedingly serious and has grim implications not only for the state, but for the entire country.  There are ads running on The…


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Challenging times, indeed!

    First of all, thank you for being an engaged member who reads blogs and tries to keep up with contemporary life in TN and the rest of the world. Really!  Thank you!

    But I also feel a need to formally acknowledge that I've gone hog-wild lately with requests to contact our legislators. Please forgive me for that. I'm new to the legislative process in TN. I didn't realize that the TN Legislature considers so many bills in such…


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