Energy Efficiency Resources for Households

TVA Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Evaluation:

Request an in-home evaluation from TVA:

Documents for participating Cool Congregations households:

These documents will need to be printed, and the tables for recording your household's utility use can be completed by hand. The same form as an Excel spreadsheet* is downloadable at the link below this list of documents.

1)  Introductory Letter to St. Mary's participants:

2)  Conserving Resources:

3)  Tips to Save Resources:


4)  Home Energy Checklist:

5)  Household Hazardous Waste Home Check List:

6)  Items to include in a Basic Emergency Supply Kit:

7)  Data table to record monthly-to-annual utility bills (2014):

8)  Household Energy use Data Table for 2015:

9)  Go Greener! (page 1)

10)  Go Greener! (page 2)

*Spreadsheet (Excel file) to record monthly utility bills:


Information and resources from Interfaith Power & Light (IPL):


Efficiency & Renewables (from OH-IPL):

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